Local Picks

Local Picks

what we


We carry various products that are produced in Minnesota and are local. We buy local because it means money stays within our community.  Recognizing companies and products is more enjoyable.

popular brands

these are just some of the popular brands you'll find on our shelves

Barefut (Oils & Balms)
Falls Baking Company (Organic Bread)
Fernbrook’s (Pure Maple Syrup)
Fox Farms (Non GMO Pork)
Fruitful Dairy (Cheese)
Hou-Ka-Da Farms (Grass Fed Beef)
Larry Schultz (Organic Chicken)
Mary Kay Lund (Eggs)
Peace Coffee
Purple Prairie Botanicals (Natural Soaps)
Randy Scott (Honey)
Reality Roasters (Organic, Fair Trade Coffee)
Stella and Poppy (Candles, Mist, & Soaps)
SuperBee (Raw Honey)